In Loving Memory of Jesse Owen Younker

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From my Mom

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My handsome, kind, sweet boy, almost 2 years now and it feels like I saw you yesterday and hugged you for the last time. I will never be the same or complete without you. Always in my heart. Love MOM oxoxox

Another long year has gone by without you making it 3 now. The pain dulls during the year but this time of year and Christmas, (one of your favorite times) the pain comes back like it was yesterday when I lost you. I still see you in my mind and hear you in my head. Nothing can ever take away my loving memories of my mama's boy, not until my mind goes or I too take my last breath.  Love forever, MOM

Jesse, My Son

Jesse, my son, you were always there for me, uplifting me and never allowing me to fall.
You praised me and put me on such a pedestal that it was hard to ever live up to your expectations, but I tried and you always said I did the best for you.
Jesse, my son, you have always been my strong arms and you always made me feel like I was the perfect person. 
We never saw each other without hugging, and never parted our ways without expressing our love for each other, I have you to thank for that.
Jesse, my son, I still remember the last time we spoke and you told me how much you loved your sister and would do anything for her. 
I told you that you have done so much for her, more then you ever realized, things no one else was able to accomplish.
Jesse, my son, you taught me how important and short life is and how to express love.
You were never afraid of anything or afraid to express how you felt, good or bad, and I know you are always going to be there to protect me and your little sister.
Jesse, my son, I am looking at these people here today to celebrate your life, some of which may have never met you, but care enough to attend, including your dog, Niki. 
I am amazed at the awesome circle of friends you have chosen, and am so thankful for everything they are doing for us now, especially Michael and Nick and Ted and Mary.
Jesse, my son, your body was taken away from me way too early, and I never would have or could have ever imagined this day. 
You are here for me and always was so proud of me, which gives me strength. 
I know you are here for me now and are giving me strength to go on without your physical presence.
Jesse, my son, I know you will stand beside me and your sister until the day we are all together again.
I love you my son.